The Power Of Purpose

Finding Purpose At the start of every year, I come up with a word or phrase that will define my upcoming year.  About 10 years ago, that word was PURPOSE.  That one word was so impactful, 10 years later I still factor PURPOSE into everything I do in my career. Defining a purpose for every career-based read more »

Rock Hard Pill

There’s an elephant in the room.  This…thing that must be addressed.  It’s a rock hard pill that all musicians must swallow if they have any hope of getting their art to make an impact. I still see it on a regular basis:  Artists hunting down record label deals, launching crowd-funding campaigns, finding investors – trying read more »

Put The Ball In Your Court

10,000 Hours Rarely is there ever a get rich quick scheme that works.  Sure there are those who win millions of dollars in the lottery, but that’s a matter of luck rather than a methodically planned or predicted event.  The same is true with a successful music career. Of course there will always be the read more »

What I’ve learned from mixing 78 episodes of a popular TV series.

It was Thursday morning, the day I mixed the 78th and final episode of a long running television series.  The show, overall, had more than 2 decades of run time and a very loyal fanbase.  I had been hired to mix what ended up being the final 3 seasons of the show.  We were all read more »

Build Your Catalog: The Sawdust Concept

So you are just starting down the road of licensing music, but only have 10 songs. We’ve discussed the fact that WE’RE NOT MAKING RECORDS HERE, but you may be asking yourself, “do I have enough music to even start” or, “how can I create opportunities for placements with only 10 songs?”  With that in read more »

We Aren’t Making Records Here

In MAKE $100,000 A YEAR WRITING MUSIC, I mentioned that I once wrote 40 pieces of music for a particular music library, just to ‘check it out.’  Now for some of you, the idea of writing 40 pieces of music to appease your curiosity may sound like an astronomical amount of work, but let me read more »

Make $100,000 A Year Writing Music…

It’s no longer a secret that licensing your music is an extremely profitable way to monetize your songs.  In 4 Ways To Monetize Your Music, I covered the 4 paths that one can take to successfully create a consistent income with their music.  There are pros and cons to each approach.  Let’s get into the read more »

4 Ways To Monetize Your Music Today!

Monetize Your Music I’m constantly asked by musicians how they can monetize their music.  With streaming services now the preferred method of music consumption these days, where are the opportunities for independent artists, songwriters and musicians to actually MAKE MONEY?  It’s a legit question, and one of utmost importance to ask yourself if you want read more »

I Wonder If They Regret it….

I’ve been a musician ever since I was in the 5th grade.  Growing up I would always find a way to sneak out of a study hall so I could play guitar, or hang out it with my friends in the music wing of my high school.  I remember how hard people practiced at their read more »

MIYAGI, MCFLY, MAC & MUTT: The Common Thread To Great Art

Wax On, Wax Off June of 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of the release of The Karate Kid, and to celebrate, a friend jokingly sent me a link to Ralph Macchio’s audition video.  This led to an amazing discovery: the entire Karate Kid rehearsals posted on YouTube!  Scene by scene, line by line, the entire read more »